Sacred Flow

Sacred Flow

This guide is to assist you through your own internal flow as a woman.

Connecting in with your monthly cycle. Connecting in with your power.

To help you go with your flow through your internal seasons. 


I hope this guide has assisted you in accessing your true power.

I hope it's helped you see yourself for the multi-dimensional, powerful woman that you are.

I hope it helps you live your life with more ease and flow as it has for me.

I hope it helps you connect more intimately with your womb, with your divine feminine, with your true power source.

I hope if helps you feel full in all your phases and seasons.

I hope it helps you understand yourself better.

I hope it helps your self worth and self love.

I hope it allows you to share this with your partner and your children.

I hope that living within this sacred flow becomes normal and celebrated.

I hope it helps you feel seen.

Feel beautiful.

In all of your season's.

I hope it helps you connect.

I hope it helps you live your life with more clarity and deeper awareness and understanding of your sacred self.

I hope you love yourself more.

This guide was a gift from my future child who came to me in a dream to tell me I had to connect to my Sacred Flow before they came wombside.

I hope you appreciate this gift for what it is, from my little lovebeam.

Love B x