I created this journal because it's something that I was searching for and never found. I was seeking something to cement the rituals and routines that I do on a daily and nightly basis. Living by the sun + moon. To find a way to put them altogether in one beautiful book just for me. To help keep aligned with all that surrounds me. In rhythm with myself, the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. To keep myself accountable on a daily, weekly + monthly basis. This was my goal. This is the book I was seeking.


This journal is for you to get in touch with your own personal daily routines and rituals. To connect with them and how they feel to you. To listen in to the planets around us and most importantly, to listen to ourselves and our own unique rhythm. It touches in on Moon Alignment, Rituals, Feelings, Planetary Alignment, Goal Setting, Dreams, Gratitude, Crystals, Intentions + Reflections.


Thank you for taking the time for yourself.

For placing importance on your daily rituals.

For tuning into the moon. For tuning into nature, yourself and what is important to you.

For acknowledging living in harmony with yourself and the world around you.


Love B x