Dusky Tarot + Angel Chats
  • Dusky Tarot + Angel Chats

    Did you know that it is your birth given right to a Guardian Angel?

    Have you ever grown aware of divine interventions, forces guiding you to safer, loving, more joy filled shores? Do you feel those in your ancestry that may have passed guiding you? All of the above are true, and accepting help from above is a beautiful way to bring in new wisdom or consolidate what’s already brewing into fruition. 


    Join Arjanna in her newest venture of an old methodology that has accompanied her past decade for personal invocations. She is grateful for the opportunity to open up her gifts to channel any guidance coming through for you, with you.


    For the sceptics, there is nothing to fear my loves - all that is called in with love will only help you serve your dharma and lead you to where you already know you are going - your most joyful self/ life. This Tarot deck and human are just friendly tools.


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