Love, Sheree

self growth through a pandemic, the blessing in disguise

Hello beautiful souls, my name is Sheree Schmidt, I am an owner of a Aussie Instagram business.

Over the past 20 months my life has done a 360° turn in many ways that I could have only prayed for.

Three years ago I started my Instagram business with such passion and drive, as I found it started to slow right down over the months of the pandemic, so too did the way of my old life, and I thank God every day.

If it’s one thing that I have learnt it’s to be very open and to always expect the unexpected.

I remember not too long ago being driven by the amount of sales, sleepless nights. With that came hardly any time with my family just to keep this business afloat, as the pandemic started I started to think to myself what was really important in life and over the past three years everything that’s been important to me was all of a sudden a second priority to my business.

The worlds circumstances showed me what I always knew, and that I didn’t have the courage to do which was to let go and let God lead.

To let go of A business that I worked countless hours and many sleepless nights.

I believe that the letting go period is a lot like the mourning period, A lot of tears, resentment anger and then peace.

Over the past year I have found my passion for life and my truth, that has come from letting go of the old. I am here to help people. I am beyond thankful to be given time to be able to complete multiple diplomas in the areas of spirituality.

If it wasn’t for this worldwide turmoil that we are all facing on a day-to-day basis I would not be where I am today, I would still have my life run by a business!

I invite you all to give thanks, thank the universe as she is waiting for us to thank her, she’s waiting for us to let go as she loves to support us, I invite you all to give thanks to mother Earth for keeping us grounded during these difficult times, I invite you to say thank you to source for despite feeling very distant and apart from one another. Never forget that you are a soul being, a being of light having a human experience so that one day we may be granted the opportunity to be closer to source. I want to thank you for reading along.

I want to end this by sending you my love and blessings for a new bright world that lies ahead for each and every one of us.

Love Sheree

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